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Following is how to use laser marking machine to complete the upgrade?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-08

with the continuous development of intelligent traditional 'mobile phone' has gradually become obsolete, the smartphone market has been occupied the main market, and consumers in the choice to buy mobile phones when additional purchase following goods. Purchase is the purpose of the following in order to be able to better protect mobile phones, to prevent the broken, or be scratched, at the same time also to have the effect of waterproof, shockproof, personalized following also can rise to decorate the effect, make the phone more novel and unique, following in the 1990 s began to prevail.

on the market of the common types of the following PC material, leather, silicone, cloth, plastic, leather, metal shell toughened glass, soft plastic, wool, silk, etc, and the laser marking technology can carry on the processing of personalized following instead more welcomed by consumers. Different consumers like things are not the same, just as the same is the anime characters in one piece, some people like luffy, whereas someone like sauron, Joe and her beauty. And the design of laser marking machine is able to put these special precision carving on the different types of following, in addition to some cartoon characters, some can also be carved designs, text, logo, string, character and other diversified demand, in a nutshell is the custom.

now people more and more the pursuit of personalized, custom instead more can get the favour of consumer goods. For most consumers are not willing to hit with other people with money, following in the moment we buy mobile phones will be thought of to buy a commodity, if the appearance of the following can carry on the design according to their own thought, that it must be nice. Businesses to meet customer for the pursuit of personalized, you need to use laser marking machine. Laser marking machine can be carved in the following from appearance to express information, including design, text, strings, Numbers, graphic with special meanings, such as the completion of each of the following from just a few seconds.

laser marking machine for use in following: co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, 3 d laser marking machine, different materials of the following can choose different laser machine to engraving, the realization of the general relief effect can choose 3 d laser machine. The laser laser laser marking machine can be conducted on the following surface Numbers, letters, words, pictures, information code of qr code. Laser marking technology compared with screen printing, printing ink printing on the marking effect is better, overall can give a person a kind of elegant and delicate feeling. Don't have to worry about because can't satisfy the customer's needs and lost orders, not only can improve the work efficiency, also can bring economic benefits.

if you are afraid of the laser beam will following from burning is burnt out, you are really wrong. Although it is true that the laser beam is with a lot of energy, but it is a kind of non-contact marking, do not have direct contact with the processed goods, do the security environmental protection and no damage to be processed following a marking mode itself. After a long time use, collisions with other goods to also won't disappear, keep following from every moment of the appearance elegant, have truly permanent decoration.

what has been discussed above, there is no any graphic traditional following, and as the change of consumer demand following from appearance is also in constant change, laser marking equipment to help following complete quality upgrading transformation, has the individuality, uniqueness of following more get the welcome of consumer, bring higher performance for businesses.
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