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Food and Beverage Coding Application Topic No. 3: Rice, Noodles, Grains and Oils

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-20
The speed of the production line of rice noodles, grains and oils coding is relatively slow, usually filling first and then coding, which requires high food safety. Code 1-2 lines, date expiration date or batch number and other information. But oil packaging, such as PET bottles and glass bottles, mostly use laser machines. Industry requirements 01 Continuous stability in dusty environment: Most of the production environment of rice noodles contains powder and dust. Whether stable and high-quality printing can be ensured in a dusty environment is a key assessment factor for customers to choose coding equipment. 02 Low temperature tolerance: The peak season for rice production in northern cities is from mid-to-late September to the eve of the Spring Festival, and the production environment temperature can reach minus 20-30°C. The stability of the low temperature environment is particularly important in the production process. 03Good industry reputation: When choosing inkjet equipment, the reputation of the cij printer in the industry is also very important. Leadtech Applicable Models Leadtech's unique fully sealed nozzle design, only one manual cleaning is required for 100 times of on/off; the optional configuration of the VFC positive air pressure pump ensures the stable operation of the coding equipment in a dusty environment. After actual use experience, Leadtech cij printers can run stably in low temperature environments. Leadtech brand focused inkjet printers are widely used in Yihai Kerry, Wuchang Rice Industry, Jinmailang and other key customers. Leadtech should focus more quickly. Fast production line (with advantages in stability), 30W laser machine can meet the high-speed oil production line. The 5900 printer is designed to provide continuous and reliable coding. The Leadtech 5900 CIJ printer can also be upgraded with additional functions when you need it to further strengthen the integration of the production line and message control. Seasonal shutdown mode of the 8900 series cij printers-the printer can print codes for the first time even after a long period of shutdown. The printer does not require expensive flushing services, and can be quickly cleaned after the first use of automatic flushing. CSL10/30/60 Laser Machine Leadtech Laser Coder provides you with flexible solutions for simple and complex coding to meet the needs of different speeds and materials, and is designed for your individual needs. Practical application case Leadtech equipment: 5900 cij printer coding substrate: woven bag coding content: one line of character coding speed: 50m/min Working time: 150 hours/week Leadtech equipment: CSL30 laser coding substrate: PET Coding content: Two lines, Chinese and numbers Coding speed: 20m/min Working time: 48 hours/week
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