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Food and beverage coding thematic page is officially launched!

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-05-01
The special page of food and beverage coding application is officially launched! Beverage coding | Snacks food coding | Rice noodles, grains and oil coding | Dairy products | Candy and chocolate coding | Eggs coding Food and beverage packaging types vary, and the packaging substrate range Feizhiguang, including plastic bags, glass bottles, metal cans, inflatable packaging and shrink packaging, etc. Faced with different packaging, how to choose the coding method? ☑ (CIJ) Continuous cij printers can print the widest range of packaging substrates. You can choose a variety of inks with different viscosities and colors to print to achieve the marking effect. ☑ (Laser) Laser coding machine can print permanent marks on most materials. Permanent marks have anti-counterfeiting function. Unlike the black ink of CIJ printers, laser printers cannot etch high-contrast codes. https:///page/64.htm [Click on the link to browse] ☑ Industry description ☑ Applicable cij printer models ☑ For more information on actual cases, please visit Leadtech official website: or call:
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date coding machine cij printer will help keep your date printing machine in a expiry date printing machine state.
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