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Food and beverage inkjet printers are good for laser printing

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-30
What kind of equipment is a industrial inkjet printer? In today's production process, the use of inkjet printers is indispensable. In the entire product production process, the application of inkjet printers plays a good role. It can print logos on the product surface and improve the brand image. In the food and beverage industry, inkjet printers are more needed, and there are special food and beverage inkjet printers to improve the production efficiency of production enterprises. Available inkjet printers have ink type and laser type equipment. Which type of equipment is more suitable? The cij industrial inkjet printer is traditionally used. The equipment needs to add ink or solvent, and spray the ink to the surface of the object to be printed through the nozzle. After the ink dries, a text or pattern mark is formed. Small-character inkjet printers, large-character cij printers, and high-resolution inkjet printers are more commonly used ink type inkjet printers, which have good applications in various industries and can solve the printing problems of enterprises. Is it better to choose ink for food and beverage inkjet printers than for lasers? The laser printing machine does not need to add ink or solvent, which can save consumables and reduce input costs. Moreover, laser printing is to burn the surface of the printed object with a laser at high temperature, and form high-definition text or patterns on the surface, which will not fall off and is easier to maintain. Therefore, it has stronger anti-counterfeiting and can effectively inhibit marking. Counterfeiting will better protect the legal trademark rights of formal enterprises. Laser printing will not produce any chemical substances harmful to human health and the environment when it is used without adding ink. It is a very safe and environmentally friendly coding equipment that meets the requirements of modern safe and environmentally friendly production. The laser type food and beverage cij industrial inkjet printer is more suitable for printing labels on food and beverage, and the operation is simple and more efficient.
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