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Food packaging tips

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-22

1. Logo, text design

Text takes up a large proportion of the packaging screen, it is to convey product information to consumers The most important way and means, the product name is the most important

element in the entire package, it should give people a clear visual impression. Therefore, the text in the food packaging design should avoid complexity and messiness, so that it is easy to recognize and understand.

2. Graphic and pattern design

Food can display the characteristics and essence of the product through the packaging screen design. In modern food packaging design, the most used is to directly reflect the product on the screen. Through some artistic techniques, the product looks delicious and attractive.

3. The use of color

Color has a pivotal position in food packaging design, and every color has Your own meaning and emotions, it can radiate people's feelings and arouse people's hearts.

Color has relatively fixed application rules in food packaging design; coordinated color matching can effectively enhance product value.

Then, can you have a machine that can help you do the logo printing? Do you need a machine to convey sincerity to your new consumers, and to convey the truth to your old consumers? What you need, in today's rapid development of technology, it is too easy to emerge a new brand, and it is too complicated to stand up. In this complex world, are we going to swear to others with more sincerity? We can do better, and use our own logo to do things with our own reputation


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