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Food safety traceability, attention to perfect marking

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-04
In our lives, more and more products are becoming a member of the product traceability management system. It not only facilitates our production management, but also plays a role in supervision of product quality. Especially in recent years, food safety issues have become more and more serious and have become the focus of attention of the crowd. The development of product traceability system has also become popular. So in today's life, when we buy food, have you noticed these places? The production date, shelf life and expiration date of the product. These are the focuses that we often pay attention to. The mark completed by the cij printer is marked with information such as the production date, shelf life and expiration date of the product, which is the most intuitive product information. The QR code on the product or the barcode of the product. This information is changeable or unchanging. Constant barcodes and two-dimensional codes are all carried out by printing, and a small amount of cij printers are used for marking. Variable product QR codes and barcodes are usually printed by cij printers. A unique id or product feature is generated from the product management data, and these features are converted into a QR code or barcode and printed on the product for later use Professional tools for interpretation. These marks not only have anti-counterfeiting functions, but also facilitate the establishment of data collection and input functions for product traceability systems. This information can be said to be an important result of the continuous development of industrial production and a line of defense to ensure our safety and health. It will play a very important role in responding to food public incidents.
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