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For the industry marking code assigned to choose the appropriate laser marking machine is king

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-01

that most industry merchants for commodity identification code doesn't know what to choose to suit oneself, as for the laser marking machine is there are many different types for businesses to choose from. Such as our wedding in Czech provided by carbon dioxide co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, desktop laser marking machine and 3 d laser marking machine, the laser printer is able to resolve the businessman for commodity identity information such as dates, logo, trademark, patterm on assigned code problem, but it is not the same on purpose. In short is different types of laser marking machine for different needs, only selected for the laser laser laser marking machine can better solve the problem of assigning codes.

why many people say that only choose the suitable laser marking machine is king? Just as we each of us has our own way to learn as a child, others is not necessarily appropriate study method for you, only to find suitable for their own learning method can have more on a level of progress. Laser marking machine, from the industry point of view, need a laser mark in the food industry, cosmetics industry, cosmetic industry, beverage industry, tobacco industry, building materials industry, mobile phone manufacturing industry, electronics industry, IC industry, medical equipment industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, household appliances industry, metal products, plastic packaging industry and other industry need to code are able to use.

we found a problem from appeal of the industry, the industry in the use of material is different, with a plastic material, paper materials, rubber materials, bamboo and wood material, metal material, macromolecule material, glass, aluminium and other diversified material requirements. So when selecting a laser marking machine can we choose, for plastic bottle code we choose co2 laser marking machine is ok. But if you are a hardware industry, see others using co2 laser printer on the plastic target effect is very good, and the price is cheap, if you are not from their own actual situation to consider and choose the co2 laser laser laser marking machine, so for hardware products code must be the effect of not getting what you want. The reason is very simple and co2 laser marking machine mainly used for code using nonmetallic industry, and is not used on metal, for metal material commodity code wei in Czech usually recommend the use of optical fiber laser printer.

with a simple example, believe that you can know why is the right things for others is not really suitable for you this truth? Have is not suitable for their own thing can not become king, and is not suitable for their own things you don't use for you. In order to be able to let want to buy the merchants of laser marking machine for laser marking machine have a preliminary understanding, wei according to jie he said simple under their use, when selecting a laser machine that can let you have a general direction. Co2 laser printer: mainly used in non-metal material code use; Optical fiber laser marking machine: mainly used for metal material code, individual oxide fiber laser marking can achieve off the black colour effect; Uv laser marking machine: almost can be used in all of the material, especially for some special material goods, such as glass products; 3 d laser marking machine, mainly is the realization of 3 d embossed marking, cant realize, sphere, cylinder, such as the irregular surface marking, subversion of 2 d laser mark effect. Desktop laser marking machine: mainly static marking, including co2, optical fiber, uv, etc.

all in all, the development of laser marking technology in the modern society is more and more fast, you want to make laser technology should be used for you to choose the suitable for laser marking machine, it can help you to solve their products on the marking code assigned a series of problems, also can bring greater economic benefits for themselves.
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