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For the laser marking equipment marked on LED lights have?

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-13

leds is essential to our daily life and a kind of existence, have the relevant science and technology in the early 1960 s researchers developed the LED light-emitting diodes, it is now for us lighting technology laid the foundation of ascension. With the continuous development of society, with the constant progress of science and technology, the LED lighting industry have made a leap in the global development. The development of LED lights to replace the traditional way of lamp lighting, LED lighting is a kind of energy conservation and environmental protection, and use a lighting tool cycle longer.

due to the LED lights for household, commercial, office buildings, hotels, meeting rooms, hospital, road, car, window, desk lamp and so on, used in the manufacturer of LED lights have a lot of, the type of LED lamp also has a lot of. Trademark, in order to better to different manufacturers to distinguish the type of LED lights, production will use the related information in the form of marking on the product. This both to prevent peers of fake, at the same time also can carry on the effective management of regional sales. Current leds marking form is divided into two methods of traditional ink marking and laser marking.

traditional ink marker method takes a lot of special ink consumable materials, the cost of consumables as demand and rising, spurt the cij printer in the process of using regular encountered in the process of ink plug nozzle, need to hire a professional maintenance personnel. Due to the consumables ink is easy to clean, and the effect of the tag is easy to be rivals have altered, memory affect product credibility and the brand reputation of the enterprise.

and laser marking machine is currently the vast majority of manufacturers will choose to adopt a kind of marking equipment, laser marking does not need to consume any consumables, businesses don't have to worry about because of increased production and raise the cost of consumables, zero consumables of permanent marking form can be processed goods shall not alter the characteristics of effective prevent competitors want to deliberately to change the product information of chances. At the same time can enhance the trust of customers for the product, and brand. Suitable for LED lights need to fine the underlying demand.

for use in LED lights there are several kinds of laser marking equipment, the use of more is: fiber laser marking machine and uv laser marking. Two kinds of laser marking machine is can satisfy the demand of LED lights on the marking, at the same time, the working principle is through laser direct moments during the processing of object surface gasification and formed a physical/chemical reaction process, do not need to use any tools, also do not need to use any materials. With compact structure, high speed, high precision, automation, high efficiency, stable performance, the characteristics of maintenance free.

the LED laser marking machine in addition to being able to print on the LED all sorts of different types of trademarks, design, coding and other information, also can be used in some metal and non-metal materials, such as common clocks and watches, jewelry, auto parts, medical equipment, cutting tools, cosmetics, metal products, mobile phone accessories, pharmaceuticals, beverages, food and other industries in various production date, bar code, code, one-dimension code, code assigned batch number, serial number and other information.

all in all, the development of LED lighting industry development for the LED laser mark also brought unprecedented market, also for the development of other industries development. Laser marking machine is bound to be LED lamp manufacturers trust and choose to use one of the products.
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