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For the small character jet. the why need to select the original high quality material?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-21
For the small character jet. the why need to select the original high quality material? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 11 - Browse: 0

a lot of small character spurt the code machine using customer will exist in such a wonder: if I buy small characters jet. the original material after use, can replace the other types of printing consumables used? In this sense of yi can tell you, the best is not good to use the original factory spurt the code machine consumables, also is original material. Why is that? Small make up a simple analysis of the the reason for you:

1, do not use the original material will be serious pollution of ink road system development, which can lead to nozzle, recycling pipe blockage. Not only affect the effect of the spray printing, can also lead to ink because of the decline of force and easy to fall off, this is the customer has to to cleaning of equipment, is a big loss on cost.

2. Do not use the original material can lead to abnormal downtime for many times, so as to shorten the service life of the small character cij printer and low production efficiency, severe cases can cause the damage of the accessories, so as to increase the cost of maintenance costs.

3, customers do not use the original material is mainly due to its high cost, but what is called a penny a points goods. What are the prices low inferior material on the raw material composition and formal is there's a big difference, inferior materials easier to bring harm to human body health, once access to the sensitive parts of the body may lead to corrosion damage, is more dangerous than normal consumables.

4, customers often ignore the importance of material selection, happened to material selection and small characters spurt the cij printer when the choice is also important. So businessmen in choosing a spurt the code machine consumables should be original, original or high quality material. Can't be showed, should consider from long-term interests.

all in all, businesses can't tend to be from a third party when buying consumables/buy ink solvent ink suppliers to save money, not specially designed ink may not be able to spurt the code machine specifications, perfect matching third-party products will reduce the spurt the code machine ink performance, further influence coding appearance, without proper ink, it is almost impossible in the entire value-added follow-up product life cycle. Manufacturers by understanding the needs of customers and experts consultation and spurt the cij printer ink application, after fully understand for the durability of coding, to merchants to choose the best equipment and printing ink. Customers who bought small characters spurt the code machine should also to suppliers to buy material will be better.
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