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Frequency and speed of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-04

Laser marking processing refers to the process of marking graphics and text on the surface of products of different materials through high-density and laser beams. Marking on metal materials and non-metallic materials such as wood, glass, plastic, etc. The fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for metal materials. Especially in the application of stainless steel products and many metal parts, such as the production date of the product, the QR code barcode of the product, and the logo of the product company can make the product have high highlights and features. By controlling the frequency, power and time of the laser, the fiber laser marking machine can make marks with different effects and different requirements on stainless steel. Moreover, the fiber laser marking machine can also make colored marks. The co2 laser marking machine is for non-metal.

Frequency of laser marking machine: The number of pulses per unit time is called the marking frequency of fiber laser marking machine. This is easy to understand. If the marking frequency is high, the laser dots will be dense, and if the marking frequency is small, the laser dots will be loose. Although it may not be felt by the naked eye, if we put the marked place under an electron microscope, we can see it after zooming in. What appears to be a continuous straight line to the eye is actually composed of many points. The higher the marking frequency, the denser the laser dots and the smoother the marked area.

The speed of the laser marking machine: here refers to the scanning speed of the galvanometer of the laser. This speed refers to the speed that can be adjusted in the parameters, not the overall speed of marking a product. Because the overall marking speed is not only affected by the adjustment of speed parameters, but also by factors such as marking depth and marking area. The function of this parameter of marking speed is that the faster the speed is, the faster the marking speed will be when other conditions are constant. The faster the speed, the less the laser hits the same place. The slower the speed, the better the depth. But it's not that the slower the speed, the better the depth. Because the marking speed is too slow, the material produced by the laser will accumulate on the surface of the material, which will affect the laser to hit deeper. Therefore, if it is to hit the depth, use a low speed for a few times and then use a high speed sweep.

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