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Frequently Asked Questions about Inkjet Printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-11
When the cij printer is in use, whether it is a small character inkjet printer or a large character cij printer, it will encounter various production and operation problems, such as nozzle clogging, ink circuit clogging, filter maintenance, nozzle cleaning, information editing Our company specializes in the sales of all kinds of inkjet printers and quick after-sales maintenance services for a series of problems, such as automation and matching, and can provide timely answers and solutions for your production equipment production problems. 1. The ink line of the nozzle is off or there is no ink line.  The stability of the ink path of the inkjet printer is a very important and core link for any imported inkjet printer. Only a stable ink path system circulation can have a stable and reliable marking effect, which is beyond doubt. Due to the nature of inkjet printer ink, it is easy to dry and volatile. Therefore, we will encounter nozzle clogging, poor ink line, and deviation of ink line when we shut down the machine for a long time and do not use it or switch the machine abnormally, such as direct power failure. Oblique situation. The solution of the small character inkjet printer: usually repeated nozzle suction cleaning, we will receive such training in the system software operation, enter the system to find the nozzle cleaning, select the number of clear cycles, then the pressure gear pump will operate When a pressure of 255 is generated, the suction cleaning valve in the solenoid valve will open and start to work. At this time, the nozzle produces a strong negative pressure suction. We can open the nozzle by squeezing the methyl ethyl ketone-based cleaning agent against the nozzle. 2. The filter is clogged and the pressure is unstable. In the ink circuit system of the cij printer, there is such a combination of working modules, which consists of a main filter, an ink addition tube, a solvent addition tube, and a nozzle front filter. Its aperture is 40 microns to ensure that the ink dots are uniform in size and Meticulous, so as to ensure high-quality charging, so that our small character inkjet printer can print clear and beautiful characters and patterns. Even if compared with well-known imported brand models such as Videojet, Domino, Hitachi cij printers, our filter life is still in a leading position, which can increase the use time by more than 50% over the original use time, saving customers a lot The cost of filter replacement and replacement cost of accessories.
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