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Frequently Asked Questions about the Security Application of Printer Consumables

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-27

The most important thing in the application of inkjet printer consumables is safety. Safety is a basic point that every company attaches great importance to. It is very important for inkjet printer manufacturers. It not only guarantees safe products, but also develops a large number of products. Customers and users. belong to a special industry. Consumables such as inks, solvents, and detergents for cij printers are flammable items. Therefore, whether it is in product development, manufacturing, manufacturing, or transportation, safety is the first priority . The sales volume of inkjet printers has gradually increased, and the sales market has continued to increase. The rapid development of the marking packaging field has promoted the development trend of many inkjet industrial inkjet printer consumables manufacturing enterprises. The application safety of cij printer consumables is of special concern to customers Yes, cij printers play an increasingly critical role in manufacturing packaging. Therefore, it is a difficult problem to ensure safety when using inkjet printer consumables.

1. The cij printer is different from other factories in the work of machinery and equipment. Its basic principle is to rely on high-pressure electrostatic induction to deviate, so it must have a good grounding device and a good grounding device If static induction is not easy to accumulate, the accumulation of static induction is likely to cause problems such as poor disintegration of ink dots, inability to characterize the barcode, and scattered dot matrix. More serious problems can cause flames or even fire accidents. . Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of factory workers and equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the grounding device of the printer. 2. The ink and solvent of the inkjet printer have certain toxic side effects, evaporation and corrosion. We must do our best to prevent them from staining the eyes and skin and nose during application. Be careful of splashing. Please wash with a lot of cold water quickly. If you still feel uncomfortable after cleaning with a lot of water, please consult a doctor for inspection. Most black ink solvents have ingredients that are very easy to evaporate and be sucked into the lungs by others. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation and cooling equipment on the spot where the printer is applied to ensure air circulation. 3. When using the inkjet printer, no water or other ingredients can penetrate into the special ink, solvent or cleaning fluid. The black ink of the inkjet industrial inkjet printer has relatively high composition regulations and is especially sensitive to moisture. During the whole process of bar code copying, the battery charging slot must carry out accurate battery charging for the ink dots, and the high-voltage deflection plate needs to charge the ink dots of the battery. Develop offset, so it is very important to ensure the composition of the black ink, and since the inkjet printer consumables have conductivity, we must pay attention to avoid fire accidents at this time. After we clean the nozzles, if we must scrub, we must use chemical fiber-free toilet paper, and we must purchase them immediately after use and choose a safe way to solve them. If the machinery and equipment catch fire, it should not be extinguished with tap water, but should be cut off first. Switching power supply, and then adopt countermeasures to save.

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