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From the birth and development trend of inkjet printers to see today's inkjet printer achievements

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-06

In the previous logo development short biography, we understand that

The development of logos has led to the advancement of the printing industry

Step, nowadays, it is the inkjet printer to make the logo more specialized

industry, more perfect. The editor would like to ask everyone,

Do you know how the inkjet printer comes? It's like singing in a song. Where does it come from and where will it go?

The inkjet printer concept of continuous inkjet technology was first produced in 1867, when a British physicist applied for the first time

It was not until 1951 that a few countries such as France, Britain, and Japan were able to produce this cij printer.

In 1969, the world's first commercial industrial ink jet printer was born in the United States Videojet.

In the late 1980s, inkjet printers entered China. In 1994, China’s first cij printer was born, and the development of domestic brand cij printers ended. There are only developed countries in the world such as the United States, Germany,

British, Japanese and other developed countries. The history of monopolizing the coding industry.

The application of inkjet technology The application of marking technology has gradually penetrated into every corner, especially in the industry, the application range is becoming wider and wider, and the application complexity is greatly< /p>

Increase, making the logo an indispensable and important part of production in various industries.

With the continuous expansion of the market, ordinary inkjet printer equipment has been slowly unable to meet the needs of more users, anti-alcohol ink, anti-migration ink, blue, yellow The emergence of ink

and other formulas have allowed us to see a rapid leap in the booming inkjet marking industry. And the position in the traditional industry has been continuously consolidated. Satisfactory equipment prices

Low consumables and post-use costs are becoming more and more popular among users. These industries include food, beverage, Cables, etc.

From protection level to earthquake resistance level, from waterproof level to regular maintenance, in order to be able to adapt to the severe production environment and strict sanitary requirements equipment, we must consider

The performance of resistance to high humidity and high dust, continuous pursuit of excellence, consideration of details, and thinking of customers can be invincible in the industry competition and promote the entire inkjet printer< /p>

The progress of the industry.

, 30 years of sharpening a sword, is committed to the inkjet industry, wholeheartedly, and your satisfaction!

The printer is simple to operate, easy to maintain, and low in cost. It is suitable for printing on various materials. Welcome to inquire, Tel: 400-886-

< /p>8225, website: www.rottweil.com.cn

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