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Full analysis of the little secrets of inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-23
The cij printer uses this recovery force to recover ink that does not need to be printed. At the same time, impurities and water molecules in the air enter the ink system at the same time. In order to solve the problem of blocking the nozzle when the impurities flow to the nozzle, inkjet The design of the filter needs to be added to the pipeline during the design of the machine. Generally, there are at least 3 filters in the coding opportunity, which are the pump pre-filter, the nozzle pre-filter, the main filter. In order to better maintain the nozzle, the cij printer of the Vasjet A 400 series also adds one before the nozzle. Filter, call it a nozzle pre-filter. The filter screens used in these four filters are different. The main filter has a diameter of 10 microns for impurities, and the filter before the pump and the filter before the nozzle are 5 microns. The nozzle front is as small as 3 microns. In this way, the impurities in the ink system are basically blocked by the filter after the 4-fold filtration, and will not pose a threat to the nozzle. However, the impurities below PM2.5 and the water molecule filter have no way to intercept the impurities will eventually increase, and some even chemically react with the chemical composition of the ink, thereby generating new chemical substances. For example, some pigments will be oxidized in this process. This will seriously affect the quality of cij printer consumables, and the charging effect will be greatly reduced.   caused various malfunctions of the printer. Some impurities that cannot be filtered are very strong, such as silica. These hard substances will cause serious damage to the ink pump! The vacuum gear, the core component of the ink pump, will be worn out. Thereby greatly reducing the service life. The most difficult water molecule to deal with is that the ink system will accumulate a lot of water after the machine is used for a period of time. The density of water is usually greater than the density of the inkjet printer consumables, and it cannot be compatible with the inkjet printer consumables, and it often settles under the mixing tank. , This will also seriously affect the ink charging of the printer. Moreover, the oxidation of the solenoid valve core will cause the valve core to rust and cause the solenoid valve to be scrapped.
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