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Full disclosure of intelligent small handheld jet. the brand price to information industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-18
Intelligent small handheld jet. the brand price the uncensored industry information source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2019 - 2 - Browse 27 0

on the market at present there are a variety of handheld spurt the code machine, hand-held spurt the code machine development and evolution is also after a long period of time, there are both self-developed and imitation. Different types of laser marking machine has its unique advantages, that is why the user to choose to buy portable spurt the code machine will consider its use, one of the reasons for the brand, price and other factors. For holding a spurt the code machine ink cartridge is one of the main consideration of factors, can say that the cartridge is the core of the handheld cij printer, not the existence of the cartridge make spray print out effect.

a, handheld spurt the cij printer ink cartridges the importance of the hardware and software battery choose spray printing effect whether beautiful, in use process is stable and meets the expected failure rate is closely related to ink cartridges have contact. So in choosing a handheld spurt the code machine at the same time also want to check whether ink cartridges, ink type has a fast dry ink, slow dry ink two optional, can adapt to different product logo printing material, quick dry ink is more suitable for some code on the metal, plastic, slow dry ink is more suitable for some paper box, paper carton etc permeability material code. In addition also need to check with the spurt the code machine hardware, software, etc. Hardware includes fuselage mould, conventional batteries, synchronizer accessories, such as the hardware procurement channels and brand has more transparent, independent research and development and manufacturing cost is relatively low, easy to implement. Software generally is touch screen operation, information inside the edit box as wysiwyg, edit content for spray printing content, namely the fool operation, low requirements for the operators, in the variable qr code editor, spray printing capability, holding a spurt the code machine also has been in advantage.

as a portable hand-held, life is also operating users are concerned, the lithium battery is a standard, the capacity is very big also, ma, 6000 normal work can support 8 hours, each a new logo with a backup battery, not only supports online charging, also support seat charger.

two handheld spurt the cij printer, the current domestic brands have?

Kinglee latent, as the domestic independent brand of machine, with 15 years of industry experience, in automatic identification equipment research and development, production, manufacturing, and the whole industry chain traceability qr code traceability system platform and product have layout, especially the small character spurt the code machine and handheld spurt the code machine, have a large number of users at home, good reputation, the use cost is low, service response speed, high level comprehensive service, trusted by consumers.

EC - JET code, belonging to the listed company fama yoga group company, specialized in marking equipment research and development, production, manufacturing, product positioning in favor of high-end, in a spurt the code machine and hand-held is the market leader in software function aspect, take the lead in support WIFI information transmission, remote control, configuration, hardware subject adopts imported brand, famous brand, stability is guaranteed, the machine warranty for two years, more at ease.

3, portable handheld cij printer is worth the price?

the same brand of handheld equipments of opportunity because of the region difference and differentiation, and holding a spurt the code machine sold by different brands are also different in price, this is the price. Handheld cij printer normal market price range in 3000 - in general 8000 yuan between, according to different brand, type, function, can vary, the main big difference variable spray print qr code information, communication links, for spray printing clarity and reliability of the information content requirements.

'accordingly on the handheld to spurt the code machine brand which good? How to choose? How this kind of problem, the price does not have a clear standard but need according to its own products, I conduct a preliminary judgment. Namely hold function can't finish the logo printing work, need spray print information capacity, the need to spray print information how high is high, will not exceed the limit of the hand-held, are all the things we need to care about. At the same time there are also some about holding a spurt the code machine after-sales service, maintenance, warranty, etc.

information content:

'want to understand the details of spurt the code machine out ten big brand introduction might as well come in and see,'

the novice guangzhou stenciling unit price must see what are the factors affect the price of laser marking machine?>

'about holding a spurt the code machine can use of laser laser marking machine cartridges and characteristics analysis of

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