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Fully automatic inkjet printer, online identification saves worry and effort

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-26

Fully automatic inkjet printer, online identification saves worry and effort

is one of the identification tools with better online experience. There is a wide range of industry matching. For products with multiple surface shapes, we can use inkjet printers to work on the production line. The use of cij printers is not only reflected in the concerns and comfort of the products, but also inkjet printers have high product intelligence and can complete a number of variable product identification tasks.

The first is the variable production date. For some products, production dates accurate to the second and minute are very common. And the cij printer is more convenient for supporting these aspects, as long as the synchronization is always set, it can be achieved smoothly.

The setting of the marking cij printer is very simple. The intelligent system and fool-like operation interface greatly reduce the difficulty of the user’s operation. It is equipped with imported XAAR nozzles to maintain the production line. The consistency of the logo on the logo makes the logo more exquisite.

The printer has a wide range of scalability. The system used by the inkjet printer can customize the software and connect to the database model of several products. Thus, by identifying the printer, the data in the database can be directly displayed. These data have specific characteristics and play an indelible role in the anti-counterfeiting and tracking of enterprise products

Nowadays, the adoption of cij printer in date coding machine industry is quite common.
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