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German EBS big character handheld jet. the pot of standard application

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-20
Germany EBS big character handheld jet. the pot of standard application source: this website the author: admin date: 2019 - 6 - Browse 20 0 according to market demand is the paint bucket also needs code identification, as the characters of machine more and more widely applied. Paint bucket belongs to the metal industry, mainly circular, the surface has certain oily be soiled, so generally in the content of the spray printing on metal bucket adhesion is not enough, and easy to wipe. So high to the requirement of the ink, the German EBS260 handheld cij printer adopts the high adhesion of ink, paint bucket can spray print clear and solid content. Because the paint bucket volume is big, not easy to complete logo on production line, need small powerful handheld to spurt the cij printer, can adjust to jet printing content. 'As a representative of the portable jet. the EBS' both from operation and spray printing can completely meet the requirements, spray printing height is eight 57 mm, can perform a variety of complex combination of identity and the qr code, and so on. Considering the nozzle is the most easy to spurt the cij printer damaged parts, EBS handheld spurt the code machine with solenoid valve type nozzle design, ruby material, to ensure that the work under different temperature and the environment does not plug nozzle, spray printing content is neat and beautiful. Handheld stenciling unit price:

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