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Germany 4 EBS260 handheld spurt the code machine is in line with industry. 0 efficient and convenient

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-20
Germany 4 EBS260 handheld cij printer is in line with industry. 0 efficient more convenient source: this site author: admin date: 2019 - 7 - Browse 10 0

with the rapid development of modern society, to commodity code assigned to the manufacturers for tracking each batch of goods, to verify the authenticity of electronic equipment, it is also a basic guarantee for the buyer, may know the content of the logo on the goods delivery date, the period of validity, counterfeit, etc.

traditional identifying requirements, no more than is in the form of manual spray printing or label paper, inefficient and prone to error and error printing, etc. , so how to standard industrial 4. 0 efficiency?

EBS - Germany 260 handheld spurt the code machine can be said to be the most famous of these, can realize content coupling function and intelligent machines, through the open ports multimachine mutual information, networking work such as ERP, MES, various sensors and other equipment and machines can do data exchange, are no longer stand-alone operations, to avoid the errors caused by human factors, and affect the normal operation of the enterprise.

Germany EBS 4 by industry. 0 concept and gradually introducing innovative products, more accord with people's aesthetic in appearance design, overall structure according to the human body engineering design, also on the operation and use of more humanization.

EBS - 260 portable spurt the cij printer adopts electromagnetic valve type nozzle design, ruby material, make sure the work under different temperature and the environment does not plug nozzle.

for companies, EBS - 260 portable jet. the diversified identify content can meet the different needs, in a flexible way of spray print to bring the best solution, height of 57 mm, at a time can finish line 5 different information spray print, whether letters, Numbers, design, qr code, bar code, and so on.

EBS handheld spurt the cij printer through technical innovation and optimization, through the built-in LCD touch screen, directly on the screen to adjust at any time change character, parameter, at the same time also can pass the U disk, WiFi, scanning guns, database and so on a variety of ways for data transmission, rather than Jane.

EBS handheld stenciling unit price: the company

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