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Glass bottle date the use effect of bar code qr code machine analysis

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-17
Glass bottle date the use effect of bar code qr code machine analysis source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2019 - 3 - Browse 8 0

glass bottle is very common in our daily life of a commodity, its coverage rate is very high, such as glass bottles, glass, cosmetics, food, beverages, building materials, medicine and other industries to be able to see in the existence of the glass, so there are a number of manufacturers will be at the bottom of the glass will be the brand, logo or bar code, the qr code, date and other information through spurt the code machine, to the spray printing. The spurt the code machine spurts India can save merchants paste paper label trouble, at the same time, it can save resources to improve the efficiency of production. 5% of the ink heating, forming a bubble. The bubble at an extremely rapid rate ( Less than 10 microseconds) Spread, forcing drops from the nozzle. Bubble and then continue to grow several microseconds, has gone back to the resistor. When the bubble away, nozzle ink then retreated. Then will produce suction, surface tension pull new added ink to the ink jet area.

to spurt the cij printer on the glass spray printing is a difficult thing, high brightness and high degree of smooth glass itself, using the environment may also contains high and low temperature, water, alcohol, gasoline and other each kind of environment, is very complicated. works under the effect of pressure, ink into the spray chamber, spray chamber equipped with crystal oscillator, through vibration, the ink from the tiny aperture ( General is 60 microns) Fixed interval point is formed after the nozzle, through the CPU processing and phase tracking, is filled with some of the ink by charging different nuclear electricity, after a few kv high voltage magnetic field under the different migration, fly out of the shower falls on the surface of the product that mobile, form a lattice, thus forming words, digital or graph.

general ink for glass is easy to wipe off, so the attached power is one of the important conditions of the glass printing ink, is the only way to ensure its long-standing on smooth glass. This is why using spurt the code machine spray printing all kinds of logo on glass, usually use a dedicated glass printing ink. Glass printing ink will be subdivided into various industries, fully take into account in the process of storage, transportation and use, may face all kinds of environment, guarantee the important identification can be clearly visible.

warm prompt: in the use of glass laser marking machine is a small request: in use ( 使用) Don't plug (when dǔsè) line and nozzle, not JiMo, clear ink separation. Other such as alcohol resistant, high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, quick drying, migration and so on will be using the environment, finally passed jet. the jet printing on the outer packing.

all in all, based on product differentiation and quality product identification included a number of reasons, glass and glass container is still a popular packaging options. In addition, its reuse ( Recycling bottle) And recyclability makes it a good choice for the environment. Glass widely used in all kinds of food and beverage products, including those who need strong protective barrier of the products. Offer a wide range of small characters ( CIJ) and laser laser printing machine solutions that can be identified in the glass. Pigment ink can be used for in dark glass bottles or transparent glass bottles with dark liquid spray printing high contrast codes. Unique formula provides a high quality ink-jet ink coding, also can easily remove for recycling. And laser laser laser marking machine consumables is indeed a zero can also achieve exquisite glass marking effect of a marking equipment.
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