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Glass kettle LOGO text pattern laser marking equipment

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-31

Laser marking technology has been used in the manufacturing industry for many years. Most of them use laser marking machines to directly mark relevant Chinese characters and graphics such as company name and trademark, product specification and model, shift, serial number, anti-counterfeiting password, etc. on related products. , numbers and letters, thus replacing the traditional marking methods such as mechanical, printing, chemical etching, and inkjet printing.

Glass water cups, stainless steel water bottles are the necessities of our lives, how to make an inconspicuous cup water bottle shine? Laser marking machine has a coup! It uses a high-energy-density laser beam to remove the surface material of the water cup, so as to engrave exquisite pictures and texts, and expose the deep material to express the colorfulness of the cup and kettle!

It is precisely because of the market demand that the kettle laser marking machine came into being. The kettle laser marking machine has a good effect on marking patterns on the cups and kettles. Compared with the traditional method, the laser marking machine is very fast and accurate, the graphics can be customized by computer programming, and the environmental protection and health consumables are low. Therefore, laser marking has become a new processing method. Laser marking cups and kettles, unlimited colors! The principle of laser marking is to highlight the graphics by evaporating the paint on the surface of the cup and kettle to reveal the depth and position of the metal material. The color of the laser-marked cups and kettles is not limited, and the laser-marked graphics are drawn by software. It can be used for marking logos or holiday wishes. For the laser marking machine, no matter the height of the cup and kettle, it can be transformed into a gorgeous shape!

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