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by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-13
Now requires the enterprises and institutions to complete file system has the national popularity, establish perfect archives management system is inseparable from the file box printer equipment, then the domestic good file boxes which laser printing machine? Below to introduce the best brand of file boxes printer. technology co. , LTD. R&d production file box, directly to the content of the need to print on the file box, not only clean, beautiful, clear, and save the ages ago, non-proliferation, under the influence of water in recent years in domestic file supplies procurement. One of the most worth mentioning is based on the technology of epson print file box class dedicated digital flat-panel printers. Not only can reduce for archives staff workload, printing effect is very good also, get the consistent high praise. With the various aspects the idea of energy conservation and emissions reduction, the government departments are also trying to save manpower. Traditional method of handwritten file boxes have been eliminated, because not only a waste of human resources, and make the product is not standard. Stylus laser printing machine is unable to meet the needs of high standards. So the file box laser printing machine gets gradually the favour of people. Digital flat file box of printer has a few big characteristics, is unmatched by any other printing way: one, easy to print: for ordinary flat material, just need to put the product on the print platform, can print directly to the perfect design. For small products such as CARDS and following, have special custom tooling can use science and technology, use multiple small products tooling can print at a time, improve efficiency. For file box this special product, is not flat, is not fixed, the specialized development of science and technology archives boxes, convenient fixed printing, fixed to print a file box only takes a few seconds. Second, the printing effect is good, specialized research and development of archives for the ink box products, not only colourful, print effect has two can choose 6 and 8 color color, print colour is gorgeous, is not only a print of black or red, even if you want to print a complete picture, no problem. Three, save time and do not fade: don't change color, printing effect can keep 70 for long-term preservation of archives products, is a good news. Four, print cost: file box of the amount of ink jet printer is extremely low, reaches 1. 5 rose slightly, to print 1 square meters of also only consumption full 10 ml of ink, so, 1 set of 800 ml 600 ml or ink, allows you to print thousands of words, pictures, and cost only a few hundred dollars. As environmental enterprises, leading technology always walk in the forefront of energy conservation and environmental protection. Adhering to the province of energy, resources, save space technology is stable and reliable, energy efficient, recycling of innovative energy conservation and environmental protection products. Five, professional rapid batch file box printing, also can meet the file boxes, envelope, such as printing, applicable widely; Six, touch-tone adjusting control, LCD display content, operation is simple and intuitive; Seven, standard print thickness of 18 cm, we can customize special higher, still can print directly after the file box of photosensitive, meet the printing of different thickness of media; Eight, file boxes, printer adopts two-way printing: printing speed, print automatic switch; Nine, to meet the specific type or thick paper printing, batch printing, the interval of a certain number will be automatically for cleaning printing ink head ten, have complete self-checking function, can be on the printer itself hardware, fonts, the print head state, such as testing and display, industrialized production design, can be continuous 24 hours non-stop printing. Welcome people from all walks of life to the company, print samples!
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