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Goods between what I marking and laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-09

a lot of consumers and businesses will have such a confused 'in the consumer goods for sale before why marking? ', it is around, careful consumers to be able to find a little, every time we go to buy goods can be found on commodity packaging has some information about the products, without these information we can be hard to know where the goods come from, when it is made of a series of problems such as we are all clear. Marking of goods are according to the relevant provisions of the state and the management of the enterprise itself, in the commodity packaging date for text, graphics, such as logos, the identification marking is dependent on the laser marking machine, between the two are complementary.

why goods marking and laser marking machine is a complementary? Simple commodity want to print on the outer packing logo must be by means of the machine to complete, and the main effect of laser marking machine is not in order to help the goods marking? If the goods do not require marking, laser marking machine is the existence of it doesn't make any sense, so just say is complementary relationship between them, their presence can let each other at full play. So what exactly is the purpose of the labeling effect?

1, the brand is the identity of an enterprise, it is carrying the goods from the complete information and display effect, contains the corporate culture, corporate image, corporate reputation, production date, logos, graphics, the period of validity, product code, bar code and other information.

2, the existence of trademark can effectively protect the proprietary rights of the enterprise, now there are many fake products, mainly adopts the way is to copy the businessman of the brand, logo, etc. , and goods identification can to a certain extent, have the effect of protection. Using a laser marking machine printed by the permanent, prevent partial businessman to string.

3, some logo on the goods played a decisive role in consumer purchase decision, especially some short shelf life of products, users care about is not only a brand but the date of production, if the goods and there are no specific production date or production date of fuzzy, so consumers may choose to give up buying. Laser marking machine printed out by the date is not easy like inkjet is fuzzy, it won't be any impact of external factors.

4, for the goods itself, the label on the outer packing goods for the product itself is to have the effect that make the finishing point. Why is that? Because when so consumer is buying goods can be more direct and clear know what are the main information of the goods, to a general understanding of the commodities, rather than through sales personnel to clear.

second, for goods labels also has certain requirements, the main point is the quality requirements. That is to say, the printed label can't appear ghosting, superposition, blurring, easy to erosion, easy to disappear, and so on and so forth, can't influence consumer view. Carved must be clear, clear, not affected by the outside world and has a permanent label is good quality marking, laser marking machine can do this series of products, and non-toxic harmless green.

commodity marking and laser marking machine connection does not follow the principle of mutual benefit and reciprocity, the labeling of marking, so the existence of the intelligent marking machine, laser marking machine to realize their own value, you need to cooperate with the product. Only the combination of the two can lead to better results.
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