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Guangdong jet. the product what are the main advantage of - Article LED lights - spurt the code machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-20
Many enterprises in the product before delivery, all need through to spurt the code machine product spray on the surface or packaging product identification, product identification can be intuitive show the product's type and manufacture date. Used to identify product tracking, and prevent illegal manufacturers imitation by other role. Guangdong jet. the product is able to help manufacturers quickly logo on the product of a high performance equipment. Then plays an important role in the commercial production of guangdong jet. the product main what are the advantages? , product performance is stable, many enterprises every day thousands of products, each product from the production line to produce need product identification immediately after spraying. So quality guaranteed guangdong cij printer can completely uninterrupted job strength larger workload. Thus guangdong spurt the cij printer work stability and continuity is of Paramount importance, and at present the product in use for a long time has proven its good strength. Second, the product, many highly efficient enterprise to the requirement of guangdong spurt the cij printer is its speed to be able to follow the speed of the products on the production line. At present guangdong jet. the product in the product identification speed of technology improvement, technology update products currently has greatly improved in printing speed, soda, for example, the current high-speed jet. the product per minute to about more than thousand bottles of soda are identified. Three, strong product editing product identification usually need production batch and the date of production change, professional trust of guangdong jet. the product has perfect and reliable control system software, can let the user directly on the friendly jet. the product display of product identification information for editing, and the entire editing process is very simple and clear, even don't know much about the product user can easily change the identity information. At present a lot of companies have extensive application of mouth performance hit guangdong cij printer, printing logo is an integral part of modern enterprise production. In the fierce competition in the spurt the cij printer in the market, guangdong jet. the product not only has the stable work performance, but also super fast processing speed, and in terms of identity information edit only need a simple training can operate.
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