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Guangzhou automated laser marking machine which good suppliers?

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-12

as the laser marking machine market demand growing in recent years, more and more merchants began to look for in the field of industry with quality packaging laser marking vendors would or supplier to purchase. Also because of laser marking is the market demand presents the rising trend, which leads to more and more enterprises begin to enter the laser marking in the industry, this leads to selling laser marking machine manufacturers on the market more and more, the customer is becoming more and more difficult to choose from several manufacturers. In order to solve the problem of existence, wei according to jie to bring brief analysis under a good laser marking equipment should have what advantage?

first of all, we need to know what is the laser marking equipment, what is its action? From literal meaning understanding is a kind of marking equipment, through the laser beam in the processed objects surface physical and chemical reaction, which show a fine design, text, trademark, logo, barcode, coding, qr code, one-dimension code, such as digital identity information exists. Mainly used in metal products, electronic appliances, integrated circuits, mobile communications, hardware accessories, auto accessories, jewelry, building materials, clocks and watches, food, beverage, cosmetic, cosmetics and so on need to code used in the industry of information.

second, a good laser marking vendors would should meet all kinds of production qualification certification, such as: ISO, CE, such as patent, you also need to have the scale of production equipment, whether conform to standardized management, standardized production, etc, and whether the factory has a professional research and development team, technical team and after-sales team, whether has the brand and reputation, whether to have successful cases. These are a good laser marking factory house should have, the elements of equipment again good, if you don't have this kind of element what makes customers pay for it? Win the trust of customers is the basic, the so-called innovation drive, quality first, talent, perfect after-sale pre-sale service system is a high quality laser marking the tenet of the factory house.

in the end, briefly talk about the way in accordance with the advantage of rapid laser marking machine. First, wei in accordance with the express our laser marking machine equipment, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, combined with the independent research and development, has a strong r&d team and after-sale pre-sales service team, provides the customers with the high quality laser marking equipment. Second, the high efficiency fine machining process, meet the requirements of the international standardization process. Third, efficient solution, we will according to different customer groups to provide different solutions, already have cooperation relationship with many well-known brand manufacturers, also gained the trust of the customers. Fourthly, laser marking machine on the core parts of we chose foreign imports of original accessories, in order to ensure the stability of the equipment and precision equipment use, in order to get the customer's trust. Fifthly, currently we wei in Czech in guangzhou, Shanghai, shenzhen, zhejiang, sichuan, hubei, hunan, a more all branch, is advantageous for the different customers came to negotiate.

all in all, wei jie laser marking machine equipment to open innovation, customer first, professional services, mutual benefit and win-win as the core, to provide free proofing test, and accept the different needs of customers for the door installation guide service, to ensure that the customer can normal use, the excellence of product performance, and good reputation in the market, many merchants high praise by the industry, and wei jie will remain so, and provide the customers with excellent service.
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