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Guangzhou printing factory after-sales service? Users to buy guidelines

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-20
Guangzhou printing factory after-sales service? Users to buy information sources: this site author: admin1 date: 2019 - 2 - Browse 20 0

after-sales service for the user is a particularly important factor, if service is not good for businesses is not friendly, not only affected by some on the credibility, and reduce the brand effect, even lost my old customers. So for printing vendors would have to give users high-quality after-sales service can bring bigger profits for merchants, as one of guangzhou printing vendors would have been to the new and old customers to provide after-sale pre-sale service, solves the customer for use of any problems on the equipment. So how should do just as printing factory in guangzhou home can effectively improve the working efficiency of the after-sales service?

a, as the printing factory should set up 24 hours after-sales service for the customer line

spurt the cij printer, especially the small character spurt the code machine, suitable scope is very wide, we see a lot of goods in the supermarket at ordinary times, such as food, drinks, snacks, oil, soft drinks, cookies, and so on a large number of goods, will have a production date, shelf-life, batch number, brand, specifications, etc, many products code mode is assigned factory assembly line mass formed by small characters printing equipment. So to cij printer with clients are also very varied, all kinds of building materials, electronics, food and beverage manufacturers, are in different place, want to quickly solve the problems encountered in the production, the first choice is to make the site operating personnel or personnel responsible for marking equipment make a phone call to the manufacturers or suppliers, through the telephone guidance, understanding, make clear the problem, step by step to deal with.

2, as a high quality printing vendors would shall establish emergency response measures SOP

set up the mechanism of prevention treatment method, according to spurt the cij printer instruction can write the corresponding treatment method of the fault, let the user type and employees can be carried out in accordance with the procedures step operation, reduce the time of the inquiry and consulting, quickly handle some small problems, such as nozzle clogging, simple and poor printing, through repeated cleaning nozzle, clean the nozzle surface deflection plate and recycling tank parts to keep open again after cleaning, steps are simple, reliable and suitable for beginners to handle emergency problem. For new users can better fit the experiment for the future of the cij printer used in the factory operation, maintenance, maintenance has positive role in promoting.

3, as the printing factory shall establish preventive maintenance mechanism

spurt the code machine problems, many of them appear in the improper operation, or improper maintenance, lead to spurt the cij printer for a long time without cleaning pipes, replacement of filters, causing a lot of impurity precipitation, bring the ink road congestion, spray nozzle blockage, printing and other issues. So establish preventive maintenance mechanism is very important, according to the regulations of the ordinary small characters spurt the code machine operation manual, 3000 - usually require the machine is in use 5000 hours, the maintenance, the first is on the road cycle cleaning, and then replace the new filter ( According to different brand models, there are 3 times and 4 times two specifications) , the last to join the new ink, open use, such benefits can be extend the service life of pressure pump, solenoid valves and other hardware, can make the ink road to maintain a clean, less impurities, lead to more stable and reliable, clearer, more beautiful spray printing effect.

spurt the code machine is a kind of code in the sign industry equipment, printing factory as research and development, production, manufacture and sales of assigned code equipment company, obligated to provide users with high quality and efficient after-sales service work. One of the company as a printing factory in guangzhou has ten years of experience in logo printing equipment industry services, there are a large number of customer base and use experience feedback, every year, each new machine before release, after a great deal of stability test, to guarantee the credibility of the use of the machine, and in the after-sales service, brand VIIJET provide 2 years warranty, life-long maintenance services policy system, to the best ability of ascension, the extended warranty time, enhances the working efficiency of the after-sales service, let customers buy and use more at ease.
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