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Hand-held portable laser marking machine laser? A: how much is it?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-23
Hand-held portable laser marking machine is also called small laser marking machine, features, small and compact size, cover an area of an area small, mobile and makes the pipes easier to install, can meet the requirement of processing site often transform, even in the narrow space can work, strong practicability. Laser marking machine is beaten out with a laser beam on the surface of various substances on permanent marker, because of its marked text exquisite design information permanently, so be applied in many industries. With the development of laser technology, in order to more convenient to carry, convenient type laser marking machine soon stand out, the more the love of consumers. Then such a hand-held portable laser marking machine and how much will it cost? Most of the customers in the first note when buying small machinery and equipment is the price of the laser marking machine, and the main factors that affect the price of laser marking machine what? The first is the material of products, products made of different materials used in laser marking machine is different, the price is not the same between them, and the application on the market at present most of the three new marking machine is an ultraviolet laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine and co2 laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine is relatively than the other two price of laser marking machine is expensive. The second point is the laser power, on the premise of the same type of laser marking machine, laser power may also affect the size of the price of laser equipment, for example, optical fiber laser marking machine has 10 w, 20 w, 30 w and 50 w, under the same other configuration of 50 w is higher than the price of 30 w. And we when choosing brand handheld portable laser marking machine don't staring at the price factors, to understand where worth it counts for a lot, but also focus on manufacturer product configuration, technology, and other factors such as after-sales service.
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