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Handheld laser marking machine What fields can hand-held laser inkjet printers be used for?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-20

The representative product of handheld laser printing machine should be the handheld laser printer imported from Germany.

The trend of handheld cij printers is becoming more and more light, compact, functional and information-based. Lightweight and compact, allowing staff to work for long periods of time without fatigue; sophisticated features (such as editing software improvements). People can easily get started; information technology such as the German EBS hand-held laser printer enables advanced real-time connected mobile printing.

The scope of application of the handheld laser printer:

Due to its portable, large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, it can be used according to Customized handheld printer according to customer requirements such as character height and size. Widely used in food, beverage, wine and other packaging, and various steel pipes, woven bags, gypsum boards, etc., can be used in workshops or warehouses, logistics and freight yards, offices, etc., can print production date, operation serial number, production shift number, anti-counterfeiting code (or invisible characters) names, graphic icons, etc. Handheld printers are ideal for encoding large items or animals that are difficult to move.

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