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Hardware design and functional module customization of inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-16
The hardware (lower computer) of the inkjet printer is exactly the same as the peripheral motherboard of the upper computer. The upper computer is primarily responsible for sending instructions, identifying and processing information. It mainly includes control signal input, signal and status display and protocol stack processing module. The control input module of the upper computer is mainly responsible for detecting the key stop to obtain the key value, and the key value is packaged and sent to the lower computer. The display signal output module is mainly responsible for receiving the information uploaded from the lower computer, calling the protocol processing function for processing, and outputting it to the LCD screen in accordance with the dot matrix format. The lower computer is mainly responsible for receiving the instructions issued by the upper computer, displaying it on the lower computer, controlling the cij printer, and then feeding back the status information to the upper computer. The control module needs to accept the control instructions sent by the host computer through the serial port, and should respond immediately after receiving the serial port data and perform corresponding processing. This plan uses the polling method, that is, every time the system timer is stopped, it checks whether there is a data packet that needs to be accepted. The display module of the lower computer is primarily responsible for processing and echoing the control information sent by the upper computer, and sends the status information to the upper computer through serial communication.
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