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Hardware laser marking

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-21

Hardware products are closely related to our lives. They are no longer simply tools. The times have given them new aesthetic functions. As the saying goes, 'one-third looks like seven-point dressingA hardware product produced by a factory cannot be sold immediately

, but requires multiple processing procedures, which we call 'dressing' for the time being. The tools for 'dressing up' the appearance of hardware products are not like eyebrow pencils, lipsticks, combs and other cosmetics used by women, but grinding machines, laser marking machines, etc. Today we will talk about laser marking.

The role of the standard machine in the hardware industry.

Laser marking on hardware products

Laser marking machine is a modern leading precision machining method, which is different from traditional printing, Compared with manual engraving, mechanical engraving, EDM, abrasive characterization, etc., laser marking machine has many advantages: in processing, laser marking machine can quickly complete surface burr removal, character and logo marking, anti-counterfeiting marking, product number and barcode marking; in daily maintenance and use, laser marking machine has the advantages of strong flexibility, high electro-optical conversion rate, easy maintenance, etc.; in terms of application scope, laser marking machine is suitable for In areas with higher requirements for smoothness, fineness, and depth

, the surface material can be instantly vaporized on the surface of metal products by focusing a high-energy laser, thereby leaving permanent traces, such as iron, copper, stainless steel, Metal materials such as aluminum are all within the scope of application of laser marking machines.

Hardware laser marking samples

It is worth mentioning that, for marking on stainless steel, the laser marking machine has two modes, one is ordinary Marking, the other is what we call 'blackeningBy setting different parameters such as frequency and marking speed, different color effects can be produced without any pigment assistance.

A hardware product needs to be marked before leaving the factory: product name, barcode, product serial number, anti-counterfeiting label, instructions for use, production date and other key information to facilitate factory management and market supervision and management, and To complete these tasks, it is inevitable to use a laser marking machine, especially in a large-scale production line, a laser marking machine with fast processing speed and high marking forming rate should be used.

The laser marking machine is also very simple to operate. The operator only needs to control the computer software to drive the marking machine to clearly mark the graphics, characters, logos, anti-counterfeiting signs and other information on these hardware. on the product. In addition, it can also help improve the smoothness and brightness of the surface of hardware products, making the formed products smoother and brighter, making consumers more aesthetic and pleasant, and ultimately expanding product sales.

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