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Have you tried using your mobile phone to monitor and switch the printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-30
I believe that countless people have seen the picture above in various channels, and some of them may be very puzzled, how does the advertising picture of this printer need a mobile phone? What is the relationship between the printer and the mobile phone? The editor can answer you very loudly, it is related, it has a big relationship! The cij printer model in this picture is Leadtech7900, with a built-in Leadtech insight® remote network interface, through which the user can connect to a smart phone (mobile phone with Internet access) or The computer's web browser connection can remotely monitor and control your 7900 printer, including: start/pause or stop the printer, check the spray status of the printer, the remaining amount of ink and solvent, and check the error log-current and historical Errors u0026 warnings, copy information from the computer instead of the interface of the printer body, etc. (Computer terminal interface) (Mobile terminal interface) In other words, after setting up Leadtech insight®, even if you are not at the coding/production line site, you can understand your production line in real time. In other words, you can go to work like this~ Another: Leadtech 5900 cij printer, Leadtech Insight® can be supplied as a configuration option.
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