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Hd significantly UV printing machine when using often need to pay attention to what issues?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-30
As a independent research and development of guangzhou laser printing machine manufacturers logo printing vendors would hd significantly spurt the code machine, UV printing machine - W3000 nozzle imported industrial piezoelectric nozzle, and intelligent electronic negative pressure ink system. The spray effect of 300 dpi or high resolution 600 dpi, equivalent to the printing effect; Spray print logo clear solid fonts, bar code and qr code scanning code recognition rate is very high. At the same time spray height can be up to 32. 4 mm or 54 mm. Hd significantly, therefore, UV printing machine can spray print date, time, batch number, class and 1 a nine variable serial number and other information stored water, and can also be sprayed all sorts of trademark design, graphic transmission is not affected by width ratio and the length of any restrictions, can store vast amounts of information. UV qr code printing machine is widely used in food, cosmetic, metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, cartons and building materials and so on each big industries are practical. UV qr code printing machine can realize real-time high-resolution high-speed jet printing variable dynamic bar codes and qr code, to the quality of the products in the whole process of the control and circulation of traceability, improving consumer experience, obtain consumption big data, prevent dealers transregional, control promotion expenses, etc. With UV printing machine W series, you don't need to in the limited market supply and make compromises between your needs, we can meet your all kinds of printing, the application requirement of marking and product ID. But in the process of production the printing equipment used in the process of operation for a long time, often hidden fault, cause the disruption of production activities, which requires the equipment regular maintenance and repair, otherwise it will cause wear parts, machine shortened lifespan. So, the specific matters need to pay attention to what? First, operating equipment in strict accordance with the requirements, the nozzle part is not allowed any object with the friction, part of the nozzle is means, so maintenance is top priority. Also need on a regular basis to do dry sprinkler system and the fan filter cleaning job. Second, 1 - in the short term Two days do not use the spurt the code machine don't have to use the automatic cleaning function, because of frequent use cleansing function will lead to ink viscosity fell sharply, affect the quality of jet printing. Regularly check the power supply, ground connection work, if is failed, should be repaired in time. Then, pay attention to the management of auxiliary parts, each of the spurt the code machine accessories have their USES, not randomly removed and destroyed, ink cartridges, for example, solvent box, filters, etc. In the end, is the ink. Had better choose original form a complete set of UV ink. Uv ink jet printing spurt the code machine, fast drying, good luster, bright colors, water resistance, solvent resistance and good wear resistance characteristics. Often try to avoid change ink, nozzle to spurt the code machine is difficult to estimate the damage degree and the speed.
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