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He can also do the fleece at home custom - — Who dress custom to pay attention to? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-28
To say autumn clothing styles, the leisure, the most fashionable style, it is fleece. How the fire fleece? Since the autumn, about fleece has been out for several times. Whether it's a delicate pig girl or trend of cool BOY, who always everyone wardrobe essential style. Small make up to you to introduce who dress custom need to pay attention to what. Choose the right bottom unlined upper garment, can good custom of fleece. 1. Bottom shirt custom clothing to comfortable clothes. It is not only refers to the fabrics is comfortable, also including the comfortable style. Can choose a T-shirt, round collar fleece that fit in with the movement style, more relaxing activities can choose Polo unlined upper garment, hooded fleece this kind of leisure style. 2. Pattern design after the bottom of the chosen unlined upper garment, we need to consider the custom pattern design. Pictures don't have much request, but the original will have better print effect. Such as the use of textile laser laser marking machine fuzzy characters of photo print directly when hold pillow will be relatively fuzzy, but if it is Gao Qingyuan figure, even human hair can clear print! This is the importance of image! Choose good pictures, set the size of the print is ok, don't need you to be familiar with computer, how to play the P chart, easily done! 3. Digital printing printers a digital jet laser marking machine do custom T-shirt is better, no color type many restrictions, no plate-making, tinted, registration. Textile is not only environmentally friendly water-based ink, and can achieve grade photo laser laser marking machine effect, can print color gradients and complex patterns. The printing effect is clear, than silk screen printing and thermal transfer printing process customization is more exquisite patterns. In the case of digital jet printing machine, textile printer is suitable for entrepreneurship and use a small studio, t-shirts, fleece and other custom. Textile printing a seal, which is play and play, can be batch customization, is a good choice of custom clothing personality.
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