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Headphone laser marking for laser marking technology application

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-03

For those who like music, a pair of headphones is essential. A good pair of headphones is not only high-quality in sound quality, but also high-end in appearance design details.

Now, earphones have become the 'standard' of a pair of hands. Whether it is sports, leisure or entertainment, having a high-quality earphone is a great experience.

   When it comes to headphones, you have to mention the various LOGO patterns of major manufacturers on the appearance of the headphones. Intuitive judgments of good headphones It also comes from a good brand. After all, in a market where counterfeit and inferior products are prevalent, a certain degree of discrimination is needed to quickly distinguish the quality of a headset. If the discrimination is not good, looking for big brands is a quick and efficient method. .

  The large headset manufacturers will use laser marking technology to mark the company name, logo, pattern, two-dimensional on the surface of the product when the headset leaves the factory. Codes, barcodes, etc., products that have been marked by a headset laser marking machine have many incomparable advantages over traditional ink printing and dyeing technology. First of all, the laser-marked headset is safe, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free, and the words are clear and suitable The marking of various fine patterns and patterns, and the strong changeability of ink printing and dyeing, gives many unscrupulous merchants the opportunity to change product information, but laser marking machines do not. Each marking is performed on the plastic through a laser beam. The surface of the product has permanent characteristics. Compared with the small headphone head marking, it can be equipped with CCD automatic recognition function, without manual alignment, which can realize automatic machine alignment, which is suitable for mass production on the production line.

The headset laser marking machine is mainly used in various electronic products such as earphones, chargers, electrical enclosures and other plastic products Marking.

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