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High-end fruit labels with the laser marking machine, you know?

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-08

we will go to sell fruit in our daily life experience, especially to some fruit stores or go to the supermarket to buy fruit, it is not difficult to find that some of the fruit surface is labeled, the label on the fruit is actually the fruit of the 'id', in other words, that is the fruit 'price of the lookup code' in order to different types, regional, variety of fruits to distinguish. Almost all countries especially for some European and American regions in fruit surface, this type of label but for consumers may rarely pay attention to what's the meaning of these tags, even feel trouble.

when consumers want to enjoy the fruit also need to put these notes off to enjoy, and these notes takes a lot of paper, can't use, not only waste is not environmental protection. So with the development of laser marking technology in recent years, some imported fruit or a certain brand of local fruit, can use laser marking machine directly on fruits real-time marking label information, using a laser instead of the sticker label. This approach can reduce the waste of paper and glue, to achieve environmental savings.

there are retailers in the UK for some fruit with a laser mark method to tag, in the laser marking machine setting on the retailer's brand, the best use date, country of origin, cashier, coding and other relevant information. Some people will be careful laser marking the opportunity to damage fruit, affect the normal consumption of fruit, but it is not the case. Laser marking machine reach fruit skins on the strong light, can really make the fruit of the outermost layers of the epidermis is affected, but also just peel off and fade, the fruits inside is no destructive, and laser marking technology in operation is very accurate.

related fruit technical experts once said: 'at several times the speed in order to be able to reduce the waste of product packaging, we can put the organ marking technology promotion and application to use a variety of fruits and vegetables. 'After all, laser marking technology is only operate on the skin, not only won't destroy the inside of the fruit pulp, and also can rise the anti-counterfeiting, unique and creative effect. Usually a laser marking machine has the following features:

1, can be used in Chinese, English, number, batch number, date, the period of validity, logo, time, preventing series digital anti-counterfeit various identification marking

2, overall structure, flexible collocation of stent can be easily installed on the assembly line, and can be easily adjusted

3, imports of professional laser, is to make sure that the faster the consistency of the marking speed and marking to ensure 24-hour continuous stable processing, can easily adapt to the high standards of batch production demand.

4, laser marking machine has the characteristics of high photoelectric conversion rate, low energy consumption, and machine using long service life, maintenance free time too long, can save a lot of unnecessary costs for merchants overhead costs.

5 to preserve, simple interface, data, don't have to worry about because of personnel changes and affect production

all in all, in an era of technology and science and technology is more and more developed now, for retailers, suppliers, save production cost and environmental cost, and to safeguard the survival of our planet, save a lot of paper, ink, and the traditional use of glue on the label, laser label instead of paper label is an inevitable process, and laser marking machine will get more and more wide application, will also get more areas, industry recognition.
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