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'High-energy employees' lead the upgrading of the coding technology industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-13

The modern economy is changing with each passing day, and all walks of life are achieving industrial upgrading and economic transformation, in the country

Under the background of the general economic environment, the real economy is the first to bear the brunt of the impact. The labor force population

The proportion of the labor force is declining year by year, and the labor force is becoming more and more serious in an aging society, resulting in a substantial increase in labor costs

Ascending, the transformation from manual industry to automation industry is inevitable!

'Machine substitutions' are not simply replacing labor, but using them in key processes and important posts.

, To ensure the stability of product quality. In the health care product industry, high-efficiency robots can place desiccants and deoxidizers for each can of food at a speed of 120 cans per minute at the fastest.


The production process from batching, sub-packing to packaging, boxing, etc., is all completed by robots. Recently,

When reporters walked into the production workshop of the high-tech zone for interviews, they saw that 'unmanned workshops' and 'smart workshops' are not here.

It's a novelty. From ingredients to packaging, 200 cans of health food are lined up in minutes to 'walk' out of the production line.

In the central control room, several computers monitor the operation of the equipment in real time. Managers can keep abreast of the production situation at any time without getting off the car. In the past, 38 employees packed the boxes manually, with an average of 60 cans per minute. Now, the automatic boxing speed has increased to 100 cans per minute, and only 8 people are responsible for daily monitoring.

''Machine substitution' is the only way for industrial transformation and upgrading, which can not only promote enterprise technological progress quickly, but also reduce labor and production and operation costs, and improve labor efficiency



Such efficient mass production does not require strong professional skills, but also accurate and error-free spraying. Code equipment as a guarantee, for each product shipped out of the factory to print one copy

Midea's 'ID card'! The small character cij printer can automatically generate a QR code for each product, and companies can scan and trace product raw materials, processes, production, date of delivery and other information to meet the requirements of 'nobody Production coding needs of 'workshop' and 'smart workshop'! After the customer scans, they can also learn more about the function and value of the product, and realize the full online and offline interaction between the enterprise and the customer. The cij printer keeps pace with the times, realizes industrial upgrading together with manufacturers, and builds the industry's first-class inkjet technology to provide you with the most perfect solution!

Co-creation of business, sharing of achievements!

Our mission is to 'bring the innovation of product identification for the users of the world'. Bringing high-quality product identification to the world's manufacturers is our grand goal.< /p>

To achieve this goal, it will definitely be: the footprints left by every corner of the world, the products provided for the manufacturers of the world.

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