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High resolution UV inkjet printer hardware interface and function support

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-04

High-resolution inkjet printers are also called high-resolution cij printers, and their print resolution exceeds 200DPI. High-resolution UV cij printers refer to The piezoelectric inkjet printer that uses UV ink to print has the same working principle as the piezoelectric cij printer. Using the characteristic of piezoelectric crystal deformation, the UV ink jets fall on the surface of the moving object to form a dot matrix. Form text and patterns.

Hardware interface

High resolution UV cij printers generally have USB interface, RS232 interface, curing lamp interface, encoder Hardware interfaces such as interface and trigger interface. USB, the abbreviation of English Universal Serial Bus (Universal Serial Bus), is an external bus standard used to regulate the connection and communication between computers and external devices. The USB interface supports plug-and-play and hot-swappable functions of the device.

RS232 interface is the most widely used serial interface in PC and communication, and it is defined as a single-end that increases the communication distance in low-speed serial communication. standard. The nature of the interface is the same as the ordinary USB interface, which is used to connect the computer to some mobile hard disks or mobile phones. In the final analysis, it exists for the purpose of transferring files.

Function support

1. Font library support: built-in a variety of commonly used font libraries, in addition to support font import function, users can import Own font.

2. Input method: support Pinyin input method, handwriting input method, etc.

3. Secondary development: The software provides interfaces to support secondary development.

4. Support printing one-dimensional barcode, two-dimensional barcode, drug supervision code, traceability code, database, variable text, picture, logo, date, time, batch number, Class and serial number, etc.

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