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Hold pillow personalized customization: the original pillow can also be so play! ! ! DIY craft - you don't know

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-23
Since always, we are all in the pursuit of his own personality. Whether your needs or special gifts are have a very strong demand. ! ! There are special fire star who activities and so on in recent years, needs to be a special gift! Custom pillow arises at the historic moment, is not only to attract people's attention, and is a very useful articles for daily use. Can be decorated home sofa, can do it daily cushion for leaning on, can use, can also warm lunch break a nap, and so on. Different scenarios, the pillow has a different kind. Suitable for people of all ages, it's a sweet day. Used to hold pillow in the arms just pure color or monochrome pattern, the lack of a personalized. Now is not the same! You can choose custom scenery, cartoon, pets, and even take girlfriends, wedding photos, family, and so on. Everything you want! You can DIY their own pillow! Unique hold pillow in the world, and the custom price is also very civilians! ! ! So how do these unique design in hold pillow custom come out? Small make up then grilled steak a DIY pillow with you custom. Pillow custom about process includes the following steps: first, select any image images are not too many requirements, but the original will have better print effect. Such as the use of textile laser printing machine fuzzy characters of photo print directly when hold pillow will be relatively fuzzy, but if it is Gao Qingyuan figure, even human hair can clear print! This is the importance of image! Choose good pictures, set the size of the print is ok, don't need you to be familiar with computer, how to play the P chart, easily done! Second, select the print materials you can choose to print hold pillow in the arms in the finished product, can also be printed on the work piece. The cutting operation is more flexible than the finished product, novice convenient operation. If it is used after cutting piece print locomotive sewing up, printing effect is better. Finally, the use of textile printer custom printer can directly on the fabric custom designs, both monochrome, gradients, and full color printing can be at a time. As long as you dare to think, don't hesitate, you can print a try! Canvas, linen, wool, hair length velvet, velvet, and so on many materials. You can choose according to their own needs to print the amount of ink and color. This is the whole process of DIY pillow custom, do you also like small make up higher position? If you want to do a sideline, or clothing factory proofing, even small batch production can be easily satisfied! A month can be back to this business, you can look at!
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