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Hold pillow pillow printer: originally the custom can also play ~ so easily customize so easy -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-15
With the rapid development of economy and the implementation of the comprehensive well-off, everyone's standard of living increased sharply, people have not only concerned with the problem of food and clothing, people began to pursue higher quality life. Pillow is common in household life supplies, similar to the pillow, have heat preservation and certain protection effect, can give a person the feeling of warmth, now become household use and decoration of the common accessories and car act the role of essential items. Pillow make very practical, not only oneself like to buy, and gift giving is also a good choice! Can be used as home decorations, everybody still held to play when watching TV. Whether at home sofa, chair, or become interior decoration and so on are very worth it. Today's young people keen on some novel styles, unique pillows or pillow and so on. Once upon a time the pillow only pure color or monochrome pattern, with the innovation of printing process, custom pillow became a new fashion, on the style design more fashion novelty and decorative. Hold pillow so the custom can be in what aspects? Small make up then grilled steak a DIY pillow with you custom. 1. Choose to print the image. Artwork can choose their own mobile phones and the Internet landscape and so on. Then use Photoshop or PS, and other software set pictures to print the image size, concentration of color and so on details, save as a TIP. 2. Need to print and then pretreatment pillow. Hold pillow in the material can be made of pure cotton, linen, canvas and so on material. Hold pillow in the surface evenly spraying pretreatment solution, and then use the press for 30 seconds. Let the fabric can be quickly absorbed processing fluid, enhance after printing ink fastness! 3. Print directly will hold pillow in the textile after treatment on textile printing laser printing machine, and then start the laser printing machine to print directly on the face of the pillow. Textile is environmental printing ink, water-based ink, not only bright colors look good, and close skin stimulation, not even the baby hold pillow in the arms can also be customized oh, at the same time, the customization process of environmental protection, no waste gas, waste water pollution, such as home can also be easily customized pillow! 4. Enhanced custom color fastness after printing, with the press pressure hot pillow, the pillow on the surface of the ink of excess water can quickly evaporate. So you can make the ink and fabric rapid integration, enhance the ink fastness. This is done, isn't it simple? Is made after is really beautiful. This is the whole process of DIY pillow custom, do you also like small make up higher position? Want to do your own custom? The startup? Do the transition? Choose, in the eighteenth year of good quality, trustworthy! Sales hotline: 400 8316492; 13265335569
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