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Home decoration ceiling is difficult to choose, inkjet printer manufacturers offer new tricks

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-16

With the change of owners’ consumption concepts, many consumers now have a preliminary understanding of integrated ceilings for kitchens and bathrooms and choose brands with high cost performance, but


Some consumers know too little about integrated ceiling professional knowledge, and some profiteers are using 'brand' as 'counterfeit' goods and shoddy. , Using fake

to deceive consumers by stealing the truth. In fact, no matter what the industry, the inkjet printer as an anti-counterfeiting tool has made great achievements in combating counterfeiting. Of course, the field of home improvement is no exception. Therefore, choose genuine home improvement materials. It is very important to see the anti-counterfeiting mark of the printer.

Ceiling experts remind consumers that the key to choosing a professional integrated ceiling depends on whether the electrical appliances, gussets and auxiliary materials are the original equipment of the original factory. Keep your eyes open and shop around to prevent being wronged.< /p>

Good merchants 'flicker' and try to save 200-300 yuan to buy 'counterfeit goodsCheck on the spot at the installation site to see if it is the same as the materials selected in the dealer’s shop to prevent being 'stealed and replaced.' If there are fakes, consumers must be brave to maintain Own rights.

Six tips from ceiling experts to distinguish between good and bad:

1. Choose electrical appliances: electrical safety is very important, keep your eyes open Select the brand to see whether the electrical appliance has passed the national 3C compulsory certification and the brand trademark is attached to the electrical panel Be careful!

Second, choose the gusset: the quality of the gusset is not necessarily the thicker and heavier the better. The thick gusset recommended by profiteers is mostly recycled aluminum or dirt. It is made of aluminum because it contains impurities and the purity is not up to standard (a selling point for profiteers). The key to choosing the gusset plate is the material and texture, because the real aluminum titanium, magnesium, manganese, alloy plate

The material is relatively light, depending on whether there is a brand stamp or cij printer. Whether there is a brand trademark on the anti-counterfeiting logo and the protective film, take a magnet to try when choosing the gusset to see if there is no impurities;

< /p>

Third, choose auxiliary materials: auxiliary materials are the main frame and foundation of the suspended ceiling, including keels, hanging parts, etc. The original triangle keel, corners, and hanging parts are all branded.

Steel seal, brand trademarks are on the protective film of the corners;

4. Professional design: The pattern design of professional designers reflects the entire room The harmony and beauty of the lighting, heating and ventilation are reasonable, and whether it is coordinated with the decoration style of the entire room;

Five. Professional installation: Five-point product and five-point installation. The installation technology is equally critical. It depends on whether the electrical installation is safe or not, and whether the gusset and corner line seams are tight.

Check whether there is any warping at the connection with the wall tiles;

VI. After-sales service: product warranty.

In a word, only when the 'six major elements' of electrical appliances, gussets, auxiliary materials, design, installation, and after-sales meet the standards, a complete integrated ceiling is indispensable!

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