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Home road 2020, you really missing something - — Custom bags -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-29
Nearly a year end, everybody also recently are busy buy travel tickets, catch up with the journey home. Many companies are already busy year-end gift purchasing, to treat employees work hard. The 2019 year-end gift to send what good? Small make up recommend custom bags, feeling warm employees go home during the Spring Festival. New Year's day home from all kinds of bags, luggage, company annual custom bags, high cost performance, practical and warm heart, everyone say good! Way, custom bags not only is the Spring Festival came home use, daily commute travel or go shopping for pleasure, the existence of the bags are used, practicality is very strong. Representative is strong, and custom bags custom design custom bags can be fully combined with corporate culture, corporate logo on the package. Is the enterprise to employees as well as a recognition of the identity of the employees, is conducive to enhance employees' sense of belonging to the enterprise; Best is the embodiment of the humanistic care, company set up the company's image; But also a special way of advertising, custom bags contain company information, cases where, do advertisement, propaganda effect of leverage. A lot of good, year-end gift to send staff to customize backpack, both the boss and staff will be very satisfied. We all know that the height of the common pull rod bags are not low, usually, 19 - 27 cm. So this will require a higher version of the laser printing machine to match. Bag printer you're worth it! Not only the machine covers an area of small, convenient custom; Operation is simple, easy-to-use, and printing of high precision, high speed! So how to operate used machine to customize the bags? 1. Do want to print the images, set the size of the print image, into a printable format. 2. The height of the printer to print, put the suitcase on the platform area of the laser printing machine 3. Will be in the picture of a PC control system of printer, can be printed. Is playing is dry, very simple speed. Please refer the hotline: miss Chen, 13265335569
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