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How can I save the ink and solvent of the inkjet printer? These methods need to be known

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-02

have increasingly played an important role in many industries. In terms of current operation and use, inkjet printers account for the majority. Many customers now also consider how can they reduce ink usage? How to avoid waste? Let's take a look at some tips for ink jet printers. Correct operation and use of ink jet printers can have better savings.

1. The choice of placement environment

Note that the use of inkjet printers has relatively high environmental requirements. Generally, inkjet printers are recommended to be placed in some cooler places. . This is mainly to reduce the overall temperature of the cij printer to reduce the possibility of failure during its operation and use, and to support the stable inkjet use of the cij printer, which naturally reduces the waste of ink and improves the overall efficiency of use.

2. Clean up in time

Regarding the use of inkjet printers, if you want to reduce ink waste, then cleaning is also very important, and you should do well in time for cij printers. Of cleaning. It is recommended to clean in time after the coding is finished. When the work is just finished, the ink of the printer is still moist, and it is easier to clean. If the time is too long, it will directly dry up and accumulate and solidify, resulting in unclear coding. , Which directly affects the working efficiency of the cij printer, and the usage of solvents and inks will also be greatly increased.

3. Do a good job of sealing

In order to ensure the efficient use of inkjet printers and reduce ink waste, cij printers should do a good job of sealing in time. The internal ink path of the printer must be sealed, and all ink and solvent covers must also be sealed, and only open when in use, so as to better ensure the stable use of the printer.

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