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How do 2019 annual meeting of the creative planning? HR will recommend -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-29
Turn has entered into the second half of 2019, with annual meeting really is will be here soon. Annual meeting is one of the major activities of enterprises, is the enterprise important summary of year, as well as to the New Year's plan and arrangement. Not only encouraging morale, build internal atmosphere, also facilitate communication between each department cooperation, promote the share, improve target identity strategy. Really is very important. Each company's HR with care and to make planning, Fried liver tired every day, also think bald, is still a blank. Can not help but complain about the annual meeting of the routine is too deep. So how do annual conference 2019 creative planning? After reading this plan earnestly, leaders don't have to worry about my ability of planning. Quick to learn. Basic plan 1, 2, the annual meeting of the conference schedule site choose 3, 4, the annual meeting of the conference participants five overall budget, the annual meeting of the creative planning, also called window planning 6, conference program choices, and programming 7, annual meeting venue layout 8, the annual meeting of the material is purchased, such as group clothing custom 9, the annual meeting of the stage, and lighting sound 10, 11, the annual meeting of the annual dinner each project director to arrange some HR has a question, is there anything in particular groups clothing customization? Imagine, in the process of highly anticipated annual activity, every employee uniform groups dress, moving toward the same destination, uniform, not only enhance the cohesion between the colleague, and intangible can also promote your company, become a chic t-shirts or guanggu shan of the enterprise. Is really good. Custom enterprise groups clothing is very simple. Use the T-shirt laser printing machine, through the computer drawing. Then and ironing cloth fabric pretreatment on the surface of the villi after can use T-shirt printers print directly in the surface of fabric, printed after the first drying ink on the surface of the fabric, and press again to enhance the color fastness. Choose a T-shirt laser printing machine frames your corporate culture, promote your different story. That day, have you, have I, one day, have to, each other is the best that he/she. Personality clothing custom ~ small batch clothing processing large quantities of clothing customized proofing fast to touch & ndash; — 132 6533 5569.
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