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How do companies choose inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-17

In the beginning, I am involved in the inkjet printer industry. I believe that many people have almost zero knowledge of other related knowledge besides understanding the basic functions of inkjet printers. In order to make it easier for friends to choose inkjet printers and inkjet printers that are suitable for their products. The technician from Factory Technology Co., Ltd. summed it up for us:

Large character inkjet printer

The traditional inkjet printer mainly refers to the ink inkjet printer, which is controlled by software. Non-contact inkjet marking equipment for marking on products. With the improvement of the functions of different inkjet equipment, cij printers are no longer limited to inkjet printers, but refer to the general term for marking equipment that enables products to meet marking requirements. At present, according to the broad sense, except for inkjet printers (mainly small character cij printers), large character inkjet printers, high resolution inkjet printers, high resolution inkjet printers, thermal transfer printers, UV . According to the identification requirements of different industries, these models are basically available on the market, but there are certain differences in the applicable industries.

High resolution inkjet printer

Small character inkjet printer is mainly suitable for large-scale production lines. The identification content mainly includes production date and product batch number. In many models, small characters are almost the fastest and cost-saving equipment among many inkjet printer types. Different from the continuous ink supply inkjet technology of the small character inkjet printer, the large character inkjet printer adopts the ink-on-demand inkjet technology, which has a simple working principle and strong applicability to complex environments. The height of the printed characters is also high. Ideally, it is used more in cement factories, building materials factories, and stone factories. The working principle of the high-resolution inkjet printer adopts piezoelectric ink-on-demand technology, and the printing resolution is high. The applicable industries are mainly for wood board factories, blockboard factories, etc., high-resolution inkjet printers provide high-quality inkjet printing. The printing effect can enhance the value of the product. Regarding the high-resolution inkjet printer, many friends will ask, is it different from the high-resolution inkjet printer? The high-resolution inkjet printer to be introduced here is an cij printer using HP print heads, which is different from the inkjet printer introduced above , The print head is directly integrated on the ink cartridge. The working principle adopts the thermal foaming inkjet printer technology. The inkjet printer requires less maintenance during daily use, and almost no professional maintenance is required. Widely recognized by SME users.

Small character inkjet printer

The thermal transfer printer is mainly suitable for the soft packaging material industry logo, and its working principle also requires the print head to directly contact the substrate to achieve Clear marking effect. The working principle of the UV inkjet printer is almost the same as that of the ink inkjet printer, but its nozzle uses imported piezoelectric nozzles (Ricoh, Konica, Seiko), and the consumables use UV ink, which is later cured by UV to increase the logo. Adhesion, its advantages are mainly reflected in the identification of variable data, the general application industry is also mainly concentrated in printing, packaging, plastic product factories and other enterprises.

For business owners unsure of how to effectively incorporate new technology into our cij printer, life may have just become a little easier.
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