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How do customers choose the right UV laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-25
With the development of the market, the application of UV laser marking machine is more and more extensive, how to choose a laser marking machine?

First of all, when purchasing a UV laser marking machine, we must know the nature of its work. The reason why manufacturers have special plans for different models is for different types of machining tasks. Customers cannot assume that one marking machine can meet all the processing needs in the purchasing process. During the procurement and consultation process, we must clarify our processing needs, including data, dimensions, weight, depth, proportions, etc.

Secondly, according to the type of laser, the shopping mall is now divided into various laser marking machines, such as fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine and semiconductor laser marking machine. Customers need to describe their machining needs in detail and have the laser manufacturer's technicians introduce them on their behalf. The key is that customers can take samples on site, see what the sample does, and understand key points such as the function and operation of the model. Choose the appropriate model, according to your needs, understand the features of the machine, and whether it can meet your needs. We should not blindly look at price, appearance, model size, etc. Third, customers care a lot about it. An important factor in choosing a model is price. For the counterparts of many laser manufacturers, the first thing that needs to be clarified is that customers should not only pursue price figures in the selection process, but also fully understand whether the price of laser marking machines is genuine, defective, second-hand equipment, etc. Customers can Negotiate and customize with laser manufacturers according to your own needs. Fourth, the most important point is the quality problem. If the quality of a laser marking machine is not up to standard, it cannot meet its own interests, and there are frequent problems that need to be returned to the factory for repair, then the cost and economic benefits of the customer will be greatly affected. Therefore, in the selection process, the functional quality of the laser marking machine is very important.
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