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How do printer manufacturers ensure user safety?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-02

For inkjet printer manufacturers, in addition to the Ru0026D, production, and manufacturing of marking equipment, the most important issue is safety. From production safety, transportation safety, equipment use safety and later safety measures for the use of consumables, There must be a complete and traceable platform system. After a machine problem occurs, the scope can be quickly determined to prevent the situation from expanding. In addition, for some hardware problems, it can be recalled in time to reduce the loss of users and consumers. Today, the safety protection department of the cij printer manufacturer will share with you some how to do well and how to do some safety protection measures for the equipment of the manufacturer. Whether it is an intelligent production line, an unmanned chemical factory, or a robot or manipulator link, safe manufacturing requires no delay.

1. The production and manufacture of cij printer equipment is safe.

Start with hardware procurement and software development, generally including ink pressure pumps, solenoid valves, pipelines, filters, resistors, high pressure packages, circuits, circuit boards, signal boards, control boards, nozzles , Charging tank, recycling tank, high-voltage deflection plate and other components, from the purchase of raw materials to assembly, these components must have a certificate and certification issued by some testing agencies or a third party before they can be used. All of the core parts are imported from Germany. The layout and preparation of the production workshop, including environmental safety, hardware configuration such as fire extinguishers, fire detectors, escape channels, and the aging workshop test when the printer leaves the factory. The small character inkjet printers of the brand series will undergo 72 hours of aging before they leave the factory. Test before leaving the factory. Smarter and safer, two-dimensional codes, barcodes, and smart communications are the development direction to be done in the next 5-10 years. For customers, a manufacturer that can guarantee production efficiency and pay attention to product safety is trustworthy and long-term cooperation.

Second, transportation safety measures.

After multi-layer packaging, customized foam is used for deep packaging to avoid collisions during transportation such as vibration and jitter that have a negative impact on the machine itself. Find a professional third-party organization for transportation and other matters, usually by express For SF Express (air freight). There are dozens of branches in the country, with business in more than 30 countries around the world, and agents and offices all over the world. When the machine arrives in the hands of the customer, a special person will be assigned to carry out the machine transportation, installation and debugging. And to do a good job of after-sales repair and maintenance work with customers, and provide 24-hour fast service.

Third, the safety guarantee for the production and research and development of consumables.

As flammable and explosive dangerous goods, inks and solvents of cij printers are consumables that must be used during the use of cij printers. The main components of inks are methyl ethyl ketone and resin, etc., which are volatile, Flammable and explosive characteristics are a very important and necessary part of safety protection measures for manufacturers. The ink of the cij printer has been tested by SGS professional third-party ROSH ten inspections and halogen content inspections to ensure that it meets the needs of some electronic factories for environmentally friendly consumables. The ink and solvent capacity are generally 100ml bottles, and the bottle body and cap have anti-counterfeiting stamps. There are also precautions, model specifications and other information on the label, so that customers can compare and test after receiving the goods, and feel more assured. With the development of printer manufacturers and the expansion of scale, safety is a very important issue for manufacturers in the later period. Special personnel and professional safety-oriented teams are required to conduct regular maintenance and supervision to ensure equipment, consumables, and supporting hardware equipment. The safety and protection of consumers' rights and interests.

I believe that the future development of companies that do one thing with their heart will become more and more expansive. I also thank the users who have been trusting and supporting them for so many years.

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