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How do small character inkjet printer manufacturers carry out the road of innovation

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-18

Since 2016, manufacturers of small character inkjet printers have faced tremendous challenges and pressures. Industrial development forces product innovation. Many small character cij printer manufacturers put innovation first. How to analyze the market and how to carry out in-depth innovation is imperative!

1. The emergence of laser printers is the first wave of frontal competition for small character printers.

When the laser printing machine appeared, due to the high price, it did not bring direct competitive pressure and adverse effects on the traditional ink printer market.

The main impact is that after 2016, the number of hardware suppliers for laser inkjet printers has gradually increased, various accessory channels and industrial chains have matured, and comprehensive prices have been further explored.

In the market, there are even laser machines that are cheaper than traditional domestic inkjet printers. This makes many customers who originally planned to purchase small-character inkjet printers choose to purchase laser coding equipment with more advantages.

In terms of purchase cost, small character inkjet printers have more brands, models and specifications on the original basis. From imported brands to domestic self-owned brands, the prices are gradually falling, and more users will seriously consider when buying identification equipment.

In terms of usage cost, small character inkjet printers need special ink (ink), solvent (thinner), detergent and other consumables, as well as daily maintenance, wear and maintenance costs.

After talking about the differences and advantages and disadvantages of procurement and use, let's first look at the stability, that is, the core use process. In the comparison of stability, the laser printing machine is also an unexpected win over the ink printer. No maintenance is required, and the subsequent failure rate is extremely low.

In general, laser cij printers are not only inferior to inkjet printers in terms of application range and application effects, but also outperform small character inkjet printers in other aspects, which are the industry of inkjet marking. Brings new innovations and makes competition more intense.

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