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How does inkjet printer ink guarantee product quality?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-03

inks, solvents and other consumables are the foundation to ensure the correct operation of the inkjet printer, and it can also reflect the strength of the inkjet printer manufacturer and the inkjet printer brand. Qualified ink for inkjet printers has a significant impact on the operation of inkjet printers. 1. Qualified ink for inkjet printers must be able to ensure that inkjet printers meet various marking requirements. As an inkjet printer, it can meet our common identification requirements, including production date, shelf life, expiration date, etc., and also need to have barcodes, QR codes and other functional modules. In some industrial packaging identification applications, we will encounter quality management and product traceability. You need to print the second dimension code. The ink of the inkjet printer has a corresponding model chip, which can help us distinguish whether the ink type of the inkjet printer is correct, and at the same time prevent us from adding incompatible inks to ensure the health and stability of the ink system of the inkjet printer. Qualified inkjet printer inks have a variety of types to choose from, which can adapt to the marking needs of different application scenarios. For example, high adhesion ink is suitable for small character inkjet printers to print on food packaging bags and films, and the content of the inkjet code will be more Clear, firm, strong adhesion, not easy to be wiped off, erased, and faded.

2. Qualified inks for cij printers must have passed quality inspections, and various test reports can be provided. For inkjet printer hardware, there will be a certificate of conformity, operation test certificate, inkjet renderings, etc. The use of more environmentally friendly and quality-controlled consumables can make cij printer users more at ease, especially in some electronics factories, which will need consumables related ROSH, halogen, MSDS, SGS and other test reports. The quality of cij printer inks is always related to quality and production safety. For example, our common typing scattered, typing ghosting, typing distortion, printing irregularities, nozzle clogging, these may be inkjet printer ink or solvent So we must choose a good inkjet printer consumables supplier when we choose. Good quality ink not only guarantees the clarity of the printing effect, but also improves the stability of the machine operation and prolongs the service life of the equipment. Imported inkjet printers can have a service life of more than 10 years when using original consumables.

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