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How does laser marking machine play an important role in the hardware industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-06

As a modern precision processing method, laser marking machine has unparalleled advantages compared with traditional printing processing methods, mechanical scribing, EDM, etc.

The laser marking machine has the characteristics of maintenance-free, high flexibility, high reliability and high performance. It is especially suitable for the fields with high requirements for fineness, depth and smoothness. It is widely used in the metal product industry and processing metal products. , Copper, stainless steel, gold, alloys, aluminum, silver and all metal oxides.

Hardware marking

The laser marking machine can mark various characters on the hardware, serial number, product number, barcode, QR code, production date, As well as the time, date or serial number, the product number automatically jumps to the number.

The laser marking text and graphics are clear, delicate, and will not be erased or modified. This is very beneficial for product quality and channel tracking, and can effectively prevent the sale of expired products, anti-counterfeiting and prevent product replacement.

The laser marking machine engraves metal products with exquisite patterns, the minimum line width can reach 0.04mm, the marking is durable, beautiful and clear.

Laser marking machine can meet the needs of printing a large amount of data on tiny metal products, and can print higher resolution and more accurate two-dimensional bar codes. Compared with laser marking machine, marking or embossing or injection molding Has a wider overseas market.

As a new type of identification device, laser marking machine is gradually showing more and more excellent performance and quality. The use trend of laser marking machine is increasing year by year, especially in the metal products industry. The application is particularly prominent.

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