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How does the fiber laser marking machine change the marking color?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-04
Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for laser engraving processing. Many businesses also use fiber laser marking machines and UV laser marking machines. They are energy-saving and environmentally friendly machines that do not pollute the environment. They can mark patterns on many devices. Many people will encounter many problems during use, including the influence of the color of the laser marking machine pattern.

The wavelength length and characteristics of the laser marker can affect the color response of the marking. If the laser faces different materials, it will also produce different effects. If marked on plastic, the colors will be grey and black. If there is a CO2 laser marker, it will feel yellow. Different marking machines print different colors.

The spot will also have a certain impact on the laser marking machine. If the spot is closer to the surface of the object, the color of the mark will be brighter and the pattern will be sharper and more refined. There are many devices and configurations that will directly affect the final style and color of a marker, such as its focusing lens. Also, the frequency of the laser marking machine. It doesn't mean higher is better, or lower is better if its frequency is at an appropriate value. If the frequency is different, its color will also be different. When adjusting the color, you can also adjust the frequency appropriately. In the marking process of laser marking machine, if you want to produce black effect on stainless steel, you can use fiber laser marking machine and semiconductor marking machine for debugging, and then you can modulate it to a state of low speed and low energy consumption, and the caustic is scattered. Coke will be used for processing. In short, the effect of this method is quite good. In many cases, different materials and conditions of processed products will directly affect the final effect and color compliance. Sometimes it's not well controlled. It can also be affected if the temperature is too high or too low during processing. In short, there are many reasons that affect the marking color of fiber laser marking machine. Without specific requirements, you can't care too much about which color mark. If you want to tweak the colors you like, you can improve from a few reasons.
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