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How does the flexible packaging QR code and the inkjet printer play more value?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-29

In recent years, flexible packaging has gradually become a big camp for QR code applications. In addition to anti-counterfeiting and traceability functions, how can it exert greater value?

1. Combining physical anti-counterfeiting, upgrading the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting function to associate the physical anti-counterfeiting means with the two-dimensional code is not only a very complete anti-counterfeiting solution, but also can realize the entire Internet query, anti-counterfeiting I believe that this will be an important application trend of QR code anti-counterfeiting in the Internet + era.

2. Select equipment, improve quality, and pay attention to the potential benefits of QR code. When purchasing flexible packaging QR code cij printers and solutions, you need to consider factors such as material adaptability, coding quality, equipment capacity, software and data processing capabilities, and supplier after-sales service. More important than the cij printer is the change in the business model brought about by the QR code. Printing the QR code on the packaging bag can not only realize basic applications such as anti-counterfeiting and traceability, anti-smuggling, but also directly carry out product promotion and promotion. , And third-party payment promotion.

3. Interact with consumers and tap business opportunities from the market. At present, there are more and more scientifically compiled data codes for one item, one code, and some are even cipher codes. With the help of flexible packaging QR codes, terminal enterprises can realize basic functions such as promotion, anti-counterfeiting, logistics anti-sweeping, and full-process traceability. Member points, online shopping malls and other functions create more profits for the enterprise.

4. The two-dimensional code of flexible packaging, square inches of land, shows its magical powers. With the help of QR codes, companies can manage processes, logistics, warehousing, and anti-crossing goods, which not only has high work efficiency and accuracy, but also reduces labor costs such as inspectors and warehouse managers, and saves costs for the company. It can also be applied to product anti-counterfeiting and promotion, helping companies save marketing costs. In addition, data analysis of the QR code, including product sales characteristics in different regions, consumer preferences, etc., helps companies to arrange production purposefully, plan targeted marketing plans, and further improve brand awareness and promote product sales. The QR code also brings a brand-new business model to enterprises, a new cross-border integration marketing model that realizes complementary integration of resources, realizes online and offline linkage with consumers, and further expands its own brand image.

5. Anti-counterfeiting technology of variable data QR code. Different from the ordinary QR code generated by the QR code software, the variable QR code not only needs to consider the change of the internal information of the QR code, but also the subsequent operations after the consumer scans it. It requires very powerful database support and also Safe and stable server. The application of variable two-dimensional code in flexible packaging gravure basically adopts variable data coding technology, which can meet the production requirements in terms of coding speed, number of nozzle columns, coding quality, ink adhesion fastness and abrasion resistance.

The two-dimensional code marking mainly tests the stability of the cij printer, including the ink and nozzle, the positioning of the printed object, and the size of the ink dot.

The inkjet printer is suitable for glass fiber, silicon, plastic, porcelain, metal, rubber and other materials. The ruby u200bu200bnozzle has clear printing, and the logo is difficult to fade for a long time. It uses imported ink, high adhesion, Outstanding corrosion resistance.

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